For Mental Health Founders and Investors

Ed-tech + Incubator Studio + Investing

Equanimity Labs and Studio is a unique concept that viscerally connects 
founders and investors building solutions for mental health. 

Idea to MLP

An expert-led interactive course guides you from idea to MLP (minimum lovable product) with a deep understanding of all the requirements to launch your startup. Create a business plan, revenue models, a pitch deck and more to get started. Successful completion gives founders access to our proprietary social impact investor matching or eligibility to apply for our revolutionary incubator.

Operations and Scaling

Our exclusive 6-month incubator will include co-living, co-working, food and beverage, events, 
and experiential programs with social impact investors shaping founders and businesses. 
We augment founder strengths and build upon weaknesses with our 
experienced team of attorneys, marketers, CPAs, HR, developers, and more.

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Our Mission and Values   

We exist to bring forth what's possible. For entrepreneurs, building a business is the evolutionary process of the hero's journey. We provide the tools and guidance towards alignment, congruence, and resonance that result in scalable, repeatable, fulfilling success. Inside and out.


Thoughts Become Things

A Big Problem to Solve

According to Forbes, half of Americans are suffering mental health issues due to Coronavirus. Here are some dismal numbers from the American Psychiatric Association, Mental Health 2020: A Presidential Initiative for Mental Health.

  • Deaths by suicide reached 45,000 lives in 2016, with suicide rates in 24 states raising 31-58 percent between 1996-2016.
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among children ages 10-17 and African-American children ages 5-12 are dying by suicide at nearly twice the rate of their white counterparts.
  • Overdose deaths, including those from opioids, exceeded 68,000 in 2018.
  • Depression alone costs the economy an estimated $210.5 billion annually.
  • Depression causes more lost workdays and impairment than arthritis, asthma, back pain, or diabetes.

Equanimity Labs & Studio

For Mental Health Startups

If you are building a solution to solve this through:

  • Health tech
  • Health IoT / wearables / digestibles
  • Quantified-self products and solutions
  • Wellness products and solutions
  • Food-as-medicine

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